Community Missions & Outreach


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The Lake of the Woods Church has a strong history of supporting missionaries, ministries and benevolence activities through its missions and benevolence ministry. We believe the following Scriptures are the guiding principles for this ministry: Matthew 28:18-20, ACTS 1:8, and I John 3:17. There is a brochure available through the church office which highlights most of the activities that we currently support. At present this includes seven local missions, ten missionaries, four mission agencies, and eight benevolence activities. As you can see, we support a wide range of ministries. We strive to strike a balance between what we support in the local area and what is more national or international in scope. In recent years, we have spent between 12 and 17% of the annual church budget on activities outside of ourselves, namely missions and benevolence. In addition, we organize short-term mission trips to provide individuals with the opportunity to serve in a geographic area beyond our local community. We also provide limited emergency financial assistance to church members and others within a specified geographic radius to our community when local or family resources are unable to provide such help. During Thanksgiving, we generally provide 125-150 baskets to needy people in our area. For the purposes of our missions ministry, we have defined missions as follows: missions is any endeavor aimed toward the goal of reaching beyond the needs of the local congregation for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples and relating to the spiritual and physical needs of mankind, including mercy ministry and relief and development. We have a missions and benevolence committee, chaired by the Elder for M&B, which carries out its responsibilities under the oversight of the Board of Elders and the Senior Pastor. This committee annually evaluates funding requests from on-going and new ministries. For the purposes of our benevolence ministry, we have defined benevolence as follows: an act of kindness, good deed, charity or gift. The benevolence activities we support are handled by the M&B Committee. Emergency assistance needs are handled by the Ministry Stewards for benevolence under the supervision of the Elder for M&B and the Senior Associate Pastor. In addition to the funding for the above activities from the annual church budget, there have been two designated funds established, one for “adult missions” and one for “benevolence” to which individuals may contribute. There are many needs which come to our attention after the majority of our budgeted funds have been allocated to the ministries we support, so these additional funds enable us to respond to many un-programmed needs. There are on-going volunteer service opportunities with the mission and benevolence activities of our church. Contact the elder for M&B or one of the committee members through the church office for additional information. To GOD be the glory in all that we do!