The Lake of the Woods Church has a strong history of supporting missionaries and ministries. Our guiding principles for this commitment are Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8 and I John 3:17.

We define mission as the activity of the church to proclaim the Gospel and spread the Kingdom of God beyond its existing frontiers. Mission is a partnership of evangelism and social action, just as Jesus’ mission was a ministry of word and deed, evangelism and service.

The Missions Committee

The Missions Committee of the church is responsible for promoting knowledge and awareness in the congregation about missions and enhancing their passion and support, supporting missions through financial contributions and personal relationships.

The church is committed to spending 10 percent of received offerings on mission. We provide financial support to 17 missionaries: eight are local, one is Navajo Nation, and eight are international. Eight of these are designated as Partners and receive increased financial and relational support.

The Missions Committee plans and conducts the annual Mission Week and conducts an annual joint adult and youth mission to Navajo Nation in New Mexico. There are on-going opportunities for volunteer service with the Missions committee of our church.

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