April 2018

“Disbelieving for Joy”

“That Is What We Are”

“If You Forgive”

“Are You Present?”

“Because He Lives”

“From Broken to Blessing”

March 2018

“Which Jesus Will You Choose?”


“The Life That Leads to Worship”

“When Our Plan B is God’s Plan A”


“Bearing Much Fruit”


“Becoming Cursed”


“Look Up and Live”


“The Joy of Cleaning”


“Cleansing the Temple”


February 2018

“No Appointment Necessary”


“Taking Up Your Cross”


Remembering and Forgetting

“Remembering and Forgetting” by Dr. John W. Howe.

“Preparing for the Wilderness of Lent”

“”Preparing for the Wilderness of Lent”” by Rev Adam Colson. 

Ash Wednesday 2018

“Ash Wednesday 2018” by Dr John Howe. 

“Start at the End”


“They Saw Jesus Only”


“Signs You Might Be Grateful”


“Everyone Is Searching For You”


January 2018

"The Proper Authority" (9:45 a.m. blended)

"With the Holy Spirit and the Power" (9:45 a.m. traditional)