December 2018

The Good News of Repentance

A Time to Prepare: Repentance

Settle It Beforehand

November 2018

So You Are A King?

The Lord Needs It

The Widow’s Mites

Not Far From the Kingdom

October 2018

The Eyes of the Blind Shall Be Opened

Throw Everything Off for Mercy

The Best Seat in the House

In One Ear, Out the Other

January 2018

"With the Holy Spirit and the Power" (9:45 a.m. traditional)

"The Proper Authority" (9:45 a.m. blended)

"God Changed His Mind" (11:00 a.m. contemporary)

February 2016


Peter … a Fisher of Men

Jesus in Your Business

January 2016

Diligently Seeking God

A Wedding at Caana

What Is This Jesus Thing?

My Son, the Beloved

What the Father Is Doing