December 2020

The Presentation in the Temple

November 2020

Praying For Our Leaders

August 2020

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

This morning, Pastor Medas shares a timely word for us which comes from the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. He looks at how, in a world full of conflict, we are called to be peacemakers.

July 2020

Fight the Good Fight

Scripture Reference: 1 Timothy 6:12

Everything Old Is New Again

For this Independence Day weekend, we are excited to have Commander Mike Evans, US Navy, sharing with us this morning. In addition to serving on the White House medical staff for two years, Commander Evans has served in multiple tours to the Middle East, and is a provider at Living Water Community Clinic. Commander Evans […]

June 2020

Hearers & Doers

What does it mean to be a “doer” of the word? In the book of James, we’re called to be so, and not just simply “hearers”. Dr. Howe looks at this passage in the light of so much division in our world, and shows us how our actions reflect our faith.

The Shrewd Manager

Scripture Reference: Luke 16:1-9

Be The Voice

Scripture References: Isaiah 40:1-11 Matthew 3:1-11

Water From The Sanctuary

Scripture Reference: Matthew 16:15-18

Wind & Fire

This Pentecost Sunday Dr. Howe looks at Acts 2:14-40, recounting the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church.

May 2020

Living Water

In Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well (John 4), Jesus offers the woman “living water”, saying that all who receive it will never thirst again. Dr. Howe looks at this passage and offers insight to what this living water is Jesus speaks of, and shows us how we can receive it.

Your God Is Too Small

Scripture Reference: Colossians 1:15-20

David-Anointed King

One of the greatest figures in the Old Testament is David. Yet even though he is known as “a man after God’s own heart”, sin found a way to almost destroy him. This morning, Dr. Howe looks at the example of David, and encourages us to examine our own hearts and turn away from the […]

Don’t Be Anxious

This Mother’s Day, Dr. Howe looks at how anxiety can be a crippling force in our everyday lives. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can be confident that God is in control.

Disciples Who Make Disciples

This Sunday is our Mission Emphasis Sunday. Lake of the Woods Church is proud to sponsor missionaries both around the corner and around the globe, and today we are celebrating all God is doing through them. Our guest speaker is Kerry O’Neill from Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

April 2020

Eagle Christians

Scripture Reference: Isaiah 40:28-31 In this famous passage, Isaiah writes that “those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles”. Dr. Howe looks at how we can find hope in God’s promise, and live a life which makes us “Eagle Christians”.

Remembering and Forgetting

Scripture Reference: Romans 7:24-8:4

But God

Scripture Reference: Luke 24:1-9

The First Word

Scripture Reference: Luke 23:26-34

March 2020

My Yoke Is Easy

Matthew 11:28-30