October 2019

His Talents, For His Glory

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 16:14-23 Matthew 25:14-30

August 2019

Kingdom Battle Ready

March 2019

An Illness Not Leading to Death

February 2019

Time After Time

December 2018

A Time to Prepare: Repentance

October 2018

In One Ear, Out the Other

September 2018

How To Tame the Tongue


Do What It Says


August 2018

Life In the Spirit

Be Imitators of God

July 2018

A Table for 5,000

A Single New Humanity

To the Praise of His Glory

June 2018

Where’s the Shore?

So I Spoke

May 2018

Power to Praise


April 2018

“That Is What We Are”

March 2018

“The Joy of Cleaning”


February 2018

“Start at the End”


January 2018

"The Proper Authority" (9:45 a.m. blended)

"Come and See" (8:30 a.m. traditional)

"Immersed" (9:45 a.m. blended)

December 2017

"Preparing for the Way" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

November 2017

"Lay Down Your Crown" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

October 2017

"Loving Church" (9:45 a.m. blended service)