Here you can find recordings of our pastors’ sermons from each Sunday.
You can either simply listen to them on this page, or download them to your own device for listening at your convenience.
If you are looking for our Lenten mid-week teachings, select the link below to be taken to the correct page. Enjoy!

August 2018

To Whom Would We Go?


Life In the Spirit

The Request that Pleases God

Filled With the Spirit

Be Imitators of God

Shadow and Reality

Becoming The Miracle

What Sign Will You Give Us?

July 2018

A Table for 5,000

Not Enough Bread

A Single New Humanity

I Have Something to Say to You

Go With What You’ve Got

To the Praise of His Glory

It’s a Free Country, But…

Go, Stand, Speak

Audacious Faith

June 2018

Where’s the Shore?

Have You No Faith?

The Power of a Role Model

This Is the One

So I Spoke

Of God or Satan?

Plans for Graduate

Dancing Like Children