Here you can find recordings of our pastors’ sermons from each Sunday.
You can either simply listen to them on this page, or download them to your own device for listening at your convenience.
If you are looking for our Lenten mid-week teachings, select the link below to be taken to the correct page. Enjoy!

February 2016

"Tragedy" (8:30 a.m. traditional service)

"Transfiguration" (11:00 a.m. contemporary service)

"Transfiguration" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

"Transfiguration" (9:45 a.m. traditional service)

"Transfiguration" (8:30 a.m. traditional service)

"A Spiritual Workout" (11:00 a.m. contemporary service)

"A Spiritual Workout" (9:45 a.m. blended service)


Peter … a Fisher of Men

Jesus in Your Business

January 2016

"The Year of Our Lord?" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

Diligently Seeking God

"The Real Jesus" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

A Wedding at Caana

What Is This Jesus Thing?

My Son, the Beloved

"Untitled" (9:45 a.m. blended service)

What the Father Is Doing