Here you can find recordings of our pastors’ sermons from each Sunday. You can either simply listen to them on this page, or download them to your own device for listening at your convenience.
We will be weekly updating the playlist for our current Wednesday night teaching series. While they are not available now for download, the series will be available at its conclusion.

March 2019

Self-Examination and Repentance

The Dead Are Raised

An Illness Not Leading to Death

The Blind See

February 2019

Master of the Waves that Roll

Enough for All

The Great Distribution

The Lame Walk


Jesus Heals A Child

Time After Time

January 2019

Jesus Rescues A Party

Common Cana

That You May Believe


Who Is He, and Who Are You?

December 2018

The Presentation in the Temple

Wrapped In Headlines

The Emperor and the Innkeeper

The Gospel According to Bethlehem

The Song of Mary

Filled With Expectations

The Good News of Repentance

A Time to Prepare: Repentance

Settle It Beforehand

November 2018

So You Are A King?

The Lord Needs It