Rev. Mike Lemay

Associate Pastor: Congregational Care

Pastor Lemay has served the Lake of the Woods Church since 1998 as part time Youth Director and then licensed Youth Minister for nine years. While he worked for the church part time he held a full-time position in law enforcement for 25 years at Prince William County until his retirement on January 1, 2007. He was given the full-time position of Visitation Minister after retiring.  He served under two previous Senior Pastor’s, Pastor Thomas Schafer and Dr. John Howe. Pastor Lemay became an ordained pastor on September 11, 2022, and continued with his work in Congregational Care.

Pastor Lemay has a Bachelor of Ministry through Andersonville Theological Seminary, an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies, Associate’s Degree in criminology, several certificates from Light University in Gerontology and Aging and certifications in counseling.

Pastor Lemay has lived in the Lake of the Woods for 30 years with his wife Jean. He has three daughters and five Grandsons. Pastor Lemay loves gathering with his family on Sunday afternoons for family dinners. He loves vegetable gardening, his flowers, and fishing. He enjoys playing jokes on the staff and especially the Senior Pastor.

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