Rev. Jordan Medas

Senior Associate Pastor

Pastor Medas is a seasoned pastor with a dynamic background in theological studies and pastoral leadership. As an ordained minister in the Baptist denomination, Pastor Medas brings a depth of spiritual insight and compassionate guidance to his current role as Senior Associate Pastor. With a fervent dedication to his faith, he seamlessly integrates theological principles into his everyday life and work.

Currently, Pastor Medas serves in a multifaceted capacity, overseeing various responsibilities within his pastoral duties. His role encompasses providing spiritual counsel, preaching and administrative leadership. Through his leadership, he fosters a nurturing environment where individuals can grow in their faith and find support in their spiritual journey.

Beyond his parish vocation, Pastor Medas is an avid soccer enthusiast, with a particular passion for teams such as Liverpool FC, DC United, and Borussia Dortmund. Pastor Medas’ one true dislike is cauliflower. He holds degrees from James Madison University (Bachelor of Music Industry) and Liberty University (Master of Arts in Theological Studies), reflecting his commitment to both academic excellence and spiritual enrichment. Jordan finds joy in family life, sharing it with his beloved wife, Lisa, and their four children: Jonah, Abby, Jessi, and Molly.

A notable fun fact about him is that he received an American Music Award in 2002, showcasing his diverse talents and accomplishments beyond the pulpit. With his multifaceted background and unwavering dedication to his faith and family, Pastor Medas continues to inspire and uplift those around him, leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes.

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