Welcome to The Lake of the Woods Church Virtual Ministry Fair 2020. We usually have tables set out on Sunday morning in the Gathering Place where ministries can introduce themselves and help you get connected and serve. This year, due to COVID-19, we will be hosting the Ministry Fair virtually. Through our website lowchurch.org, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we will be sharing information about the many ministries at The Lake of the Woods Church. We believe that we are all called to be on mission. The challenge can sometimes be finding your place. We hope that you will check out the many opportunities to serve and fill out the “Register to Serve” form. Please let us know how we can help you to be on mission for Christ through The Lake of the Woods Church.
The primary purpose of the Center is to greet new visitors, hand out a gift mug with information about our church and get their contact information.
A ministry for adults with special needs.
Good News Club is an outreach to children in Primary and Elementary School teaching them about Jesus.
Home helps is simply loving our neighbors as we offer home repairs and simple home care to the elderly, shut-ins and single parents.
The Flower Guild makes fresh floral arrangements for each worship service which are then shared with shut-ins, others with special needs,
or given to the donor.
Small groups are a way to experience a closer connection with others while deepening your walk with Christ at the same time.
Living Water Community Clinic, a mission of The Lake of the Woods Church in partnership with area churches, organizations and businesses, serves uninsured patients whose household incomes do not exceed the 300% federal poverty level.
With its existing infrastructure and caring congregants, The Lake of the Woods Church and its community of believers can be the solution to the local foster care problem.
Worship defines the church. It centers our faith, and celebrates the work of Jesus Christ. Music enables us to do all of these things, which is why it is such a central part of worship at Lake of the Woods Church.