Kevin Paxton


Patrick Miller writes that “the church in its praise thus enacts on behalf of the world the true character of the world in the presence of God. It dares to assert and insist that a self fully abandoned to God is in the moment of abandonment a fully confirmed self, and a world fully abandoned to God is a fully confirmed world – a self and a world now marked and authorized for their own proper way in the world where God rules.” The role of music in the church is praise, and I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to lead the music ministry here at The Lake of the Woods Church.

                I can remember as a young child being taken to Chancel Choir rehearsals by my father – a trombone player – and being exposed to church music at an early age. As I continued to grow up in The Lake of the Woods Church I began taking clarinet and piano lessons, and became a member of the Youth Praise Team. My love for music and God grew together, and I could often feel that urge to do more for the church.

                I attended Virginia Commonwealth University, earning the degree Bachelor of Music. I remember coming home on weekends and singing in the choir; and can see now the calling the Lord was shaping me for. After graduation I moved back, and became a regular member of the choir. After trying to start a career in a different direction than music, I was asked to fill some very big shoes here at The Lake of the Woods Church, as the current choir director was stepping down. If that wasn’t enough, I was approached two months later to consider applying for the full-time position of Music Director. After some careful consideration (and many sleepless nights of prayer), I realized this was the calling the Lord had been preparing me for, and accepted the position.

                Currently, I am attending the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies, where I am earning the degree Masters of Worship Studies. While I do not know what the future holds, I am certain that these studies will allow me to better serve both God and The Lake of the Woods Church.

                David writes in Psalm 9:2 “I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.” Music is one of the most valuable forms of worship, it connects the Word of God with the people of God in a meaningful way. My prayer is that one day we may all join our voices with the saints before the throne of God.