Benefiting The Lake of the Woods Church Local Missions


Mike Phillips, a member of The Lake of the Woods Church and a community volunteer is an avid cyclist who was the 2019 overall male champion of the 24-hour Time Trial Championship of the World Ultra Cycling Association.  He has a strong record of success in other long-distance cycling competitions.    

The 2020 summer bike racing season will go virtual this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.  On June 16 Mike will kick off a grueling four-day ride with his bike connected to a computer interface which will simulate racing from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO, a distance of 925 miles.  The simulation creates a virtual on-the-road race by factoring elevation changes into cycling difficulty, location, and distance traveled.  This will be Mike’s toughest challenge of his life. Based on previous road racing experiences, he expects to be cycling for 20 hours a day while catching quick catnaps to restore his energy. 

This year Mike will dedicate his racing skills as a fundraiser to help his community.  In response to Mike’s offer to help, the church will use his cycling event to support the church’s outreach ministries along the Route 20 corridor.   These include the Living Water Community and Dental Clinics, the RISE ministry for developmentally challenged adults, recovery ministries, the “Outside the Box” feeding program, Thanksgiving food baskets, foster family programs, and school supplies for kids. 

A live feed on the LOWC  web page and Mike’s Prevail Racing Facebook Page ( will allow donors and fans to contact Mike before and during the event to offer encouragement and pledge contributions.  Your support is needed and welcome.   For more information, please contact Senior Associate Pastor Adam Colson at  
How you can help: 4 WAYS!
1 .SPONSOR: We’re looking for sponsors to support Mike Phillips’ 925 mile VRAW (Virtual Race Across the West), June 16-19, benefitting The Lake of the Woods Church Local Missions.
Cyclist Donor: $100 Donor / Listed with $100 donors on LOWC website & Prevail Racing Facebook Page
Cyclist Patron: $250 Donor / Listed with four to a page ad on race videos, post/advertise your brand 5 times in the week leading up to the race and 5 times during the race on both Facebook and Instagram.
Cyclist Benefactor: $500 Donor / Listed with two to a page ad on race videos, post/advertise your brand 10 times leading up to the race and 10 times during the race on both Facebook and Instagram.
Cyclist “Race Across the West” Companion: $1,000 Donor / Separate page ad on race videos and post/advertise your brand on all race posts and advertisements
Your contribution is tax deductible under our 501c (3) (23-7436441) not-for-profit charity status.
Or contact Pastor Adam Colson for more information on sponsorship opportunities.
2. DONATE: Please go to and using the drop down box named “Fund” please click “Community Outreach.” or send a check to The Lake of the Woods Church, 1 Church Lane, Locust Grove, VA 22508 with Racing for Restoration in the Memo.
3. VOLUNTEER:Mike will need our help to stay motivated throughout the long, grueling hours of the race, particularly in the early morning. Please consider being present with Mike at The Living Water Community Clinic during one of our 4 hour shifts beginning Tuesday, June 16th at 9AM running through Saturday morning.
4. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Share these posts to help others learn about this exciting way to raise money to help our community.