Before the Coronavirus outbreak The Lake of the Woods Church was working on our annual spring “Missions Emphasis Week.”  Like every year, we planned to kick the week off with a 5K Hunger Run through The Lake of the Woods Golf Course.  We were working on our International Dinner, lining up missionary speakers for the week, securing a Wednesday Evening film and moving forward with our Missions Sunday plans…and then…like everything else in our nation, the planning came to a screeching halt.  After praying and meeting with the Missions Committee we decided not to cancel Missions Emphasis Week or even postpone it, but to move ahead with the week; however, this year our Missions Emphasis week will be online. 

We planned to kick the week off this coming Saturday with our Missions Run…this time, it’s not a “5K Hunger Run”, it will be a “Beautiful Feet Missions Run” where participants will walk or run each day on their own.  As they walk, they will be praying for our local and global missionaries and ministries.  Each day, participants will go on to the church website where they can log their miles on a form so we can track how many prayer miles we walked or ran as a church for missions.  As Elder David Blackistone said, “sorry there is no t-shirt this year”; however, those who are 55 and up that log at least 10 miles for the week and those under 55 that log at least 15 miles for the week will receive a medal.  There is a $5 fee to register for the run and registrations are online.  The money raised will go towards our “Outside the Box” feeding ministry.  You can pay online when you register on the church website, drop the check off, or mail it to the church. 

We will still be having missionaries share each day during Missions week.  We will have an online forum where our missionaries, from around the world, will meet with us and talk about the work they are doing in the field where they have been called.  This mission blog is titled “Come Have Breakfast” and will be on our church website and YouTube page. 

Wednesday night families can go to the church YouTube page for a live streaming movie event.  Our mission’s movie will begin at 7:00 p.m. on April 29.  This year our movie is a powerful story of the miraculous work God is doing in missions around the world.  

And lastly, Sunday, May 3 we will still have our Missions Sunday service with our annual parade of nations, missions hymns and music and a powerful sermon by missionary Kerry O’Neil who serves with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

The service will be online, and we invite you to tune in like you have been doing these past few Sundays. 

I am so excited about what God has been doing with missions here at The Lake of the Woods Church.  We have become a giving church for missions, a praying church for missions and a sending church for missions.  Let’s join together in celebrating God’s great Commands and Great Commission to love Him to love our neighbors and to spread His love over all the world 

I look forward to celebrating mission virtually with you this year!


Missions Week Calendar:
Mission Prayer Page
Saturday, April 25 – Beautiful Feet Missions Run Begins 
Wednesday, April 29th, 7:00 p.m.  – Missions Movie
Sunday, May 3rd, 8:30 a.m.  –, 10:10 a.m. Facebook
Daily – Come Have Breakfast Missionary Devotionals –