Life Skills Institute

Life Skills Institute provides 4-8 week training and classes on skills that can help put expendable income back into the pockets of those who take the courses. Courses are taught by professionals and cover things such as basic car repairs and maintenance, cooking, basic plumbing, small home repairs, overcoming anxiety, financial peace, writing a resume, successful interview skills, and workplace professionalism.  Each class meets once a week and lasts for a total of 2 hours (one 45 minute session followed by a 10-minute break, a 20-minute chapel, and another 45-minute session).  Students who complete courses will not only leave with a working knowledge of a new life skill but will also receive the basic tools and resources needed for that skill.  For more information, to sign up, or to volunteer please see Pastor Colson.  Brochures with course information and dates are available upon request.