UPDATE!!!  This event has been moved to Friday, Sept. 25!
Friday, September 25, we will be having a night of testimony on The Knoll!
Church member Michael Phillips has constructed a huge cross and mounted it to a tree behind the church on The Knoll. (All measures were taken to ensure no damage to the tree.) And so, on Sept 25th we will be having a night of worship and testimony, including Michael Phillips’ own testimony.
The service begins at 5:45p.m.; however, The Knoll will be open as early as 5:15p.m. for anyone who would like to pack a picnic and enjoy before the service.
The service will last between an hour and an hour and a half. All generations are welcome and we hope this will be a church wide celebration of what God is doing in and through His people.
Circles will be painted on the ground for each family to sit together and still be socially distanced during the event.
Please call 540-972-9060 for more information.