The Rev. Adam Colson

As Community Missions Pastor, Adam Colson’s focus is on the Great Commission, bringing the Gospel of Christ and the love of God into our community.  Through equipping and activating our members, Pastor Colson seeks to meet the needs (physical, emotional and spiritual) of those in the community. Pastor Colson also works with our current youth director in development and oversight of our youth program.

Before coming to LOWC in the summer of 2006, he and his wife Johanna had been involved in children and youth ministries for more than 10 years. He was associate director of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Richmond where he worked with teenagers and young adults. He also served as youth pastor at South Lewiston Baptist Church in Maine,  and Youth Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Hopewell.

Rev. Colson graduated from New Brunswick Bible Institute, Children’s Ministry Institute, and received a degree in pastoral studies from Master Divinity College, and in 2000 received a Christian education degree from Trinity University and Seminary.

At the age of 13 he was baptized by his father, a Baptist minister, and began his ministry as a teenager traveling around New England doing Children’s Crusades.  The Colsons have two children, Christian and Arianna and a lab Hershy.

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