Dave Goodrich

Dave Goodrich first joined the Blended and Contemporary Praise Teams as a drummer in March 2004. In February 2005, he was hired as the Director of Blended and Contemporary Music, and also currently serves as the AV/L (audio, visual, and lighting) director for the Worship Center. “My personal and professional goal is to direct people with musical and technical talents in how they can give back to the Lord with their abilities,” he said.

Born in Washington, D.C., Dave grew up in Arlington, Va. As a teenager, he moved to Mexico with his parents, and attended American High School in Mexico City, graduating in 1977. Musical since childhood, Dave headed to California after graduation to pursue his formal music training, first receiving an Associate in Arts degree at American River College in Sacramento, Calif., in 1980, and then his bachelor’s degree in music from San Francisco State University in 1984. Upon returning to Virginia that year, he studied electronics at TECC School of Electronics in Springfield, Va., earning his certification as an electronics technician in 1985. Following a two-year stint living in the San Francisco Bay area, Dave moved to Lake of the Woods in the early 1990’s and married his wife Sandra in 2002. Dave has been a professional performing musician and songwriter for all of his adult years, and his recordings have been aired on radio and television shows all over the world. In addition to having owned several entertainment companies, Dave has also served as a voting member of the National Academy for Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammies). Besides his roles at LOW Church, Dave also participates in various music-related events and activities within the community, including fund-raising programs for youth activities. Dave also teaches music privately at the Church, often leading students to opportunities to share their heartfelt musical expressions during Sunday services.

As a songwriter, Dave has written many songs with the LOW Church services in mind, often focusing on the themes of the upcoming sermons. “I feel the need to help the congregation connect and sing in a way that allows their hearts to open to the Lord’s Presence,” he said.

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