Volunteer Corner

Opportunities to serve

Child Care Center:

Contact Belinda Divelbiss at cccbelinda9722349@yahoo.com or call 972-2349

Classroom Helper (3’s/4’s): Volunteer needed to work one-on-one with a preschool child (or small group) in order to strengthen their writing skills, memorization of the alphabet, and practicing with numbers and cutting. Weekdays: 1/2 hour per week.

Classroom Helper (4’s): Volunteer needed to help four-year-old students with with small group time Monday and Tuesday.. Approximately one hour per day.

Substitute Homework Helper (School-age Program): Volunteers needed to help students with homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Child Care Center and Preschool: Volunteers to help with emergency maintenance situations (snow shoveling, lighting, toilet overflowing, etc). Contact Pastor Smith at 972-9060 or jim@lowchurch.org


Children’s Ministry:

Contact Sherri Gaskill, Children’s Ministry Director at sherri@lowchurch.org or call 972-9060

Sunday School:  Children’s Ministry is looking for teachers, assistants and parent greeters to help for the new Sunday School year.  Positions needed:

  • 5th Grade Teacher – 9:45
  • 2 year old classroom assistant – 9:45 and 11:00
  • Kindergarten classroom assistant – 9:45
  • 3rd-4th grade classroom assistant – 11:00
  • Substitute Teachers

Nursery:  We are in need of nursery workers for our babies and toddlers during Sunday school, MOPS and special events throughout the year.  This is a perfect spot to serve for those that love to rock babies or are missing their grandchildren!


Youth/Student Ministries:

Contact Youth Pastor Adam Colson at adam@lowchurch.org or call 972-9060

Furniture Builders:  We have furniture that we need put together from time to time throughout the year. If we had a list of names that we could call on, it would be a huge help!

Van Drivers:   Every time we have a trip we have to drive to Stafford County to rent 15-passenger vans and then following the trip we have to drive back to return them. After our leaders come home from retreats and trips very exhausted (having very little sleep!) It is a great burden on them to have to make this extra trip after the teens are dropped off to their parents at the church. We are looking for volunteers that can drive to pick up the vans before the event; and then drive to return them after the event. This would be a huge help!

Kitchen Crew:    We need individuals that could help us Wednesday night to set up and handle concessions during Youth Group and volunteers who could serve Sunday morning to set up refreshments during Higher Grounds Worship Experience. This is a great ministry to help reach our students for Christ.

Life Coach:   We need male college students or men that could serve as a life coach to some younger guys who need a positive male influence in their lives. This is similar to the “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” program.

Team Members:   We have some exciting events coming up. S.L.U.G. Fest all nighter, Retreats, Teen Camp. Local Missions Week, and Fundraising that we need volunteers to serve as team members on. A team member serves on the team helping organmize the event(s). They do not have to attend the event(s).

Prayer Warriors: This is the most important ministry we have! We need men and women that can come @11:00 am every Thursday to meet in the church library to pray for our students, our leaders and our ministries. This generally lasts for an hour and is a great time and fellowship. Would you be able to partner with us in this ministry???


Worship Ministries:

Help with handbells: Two behind-the-scenes volunteers are needed to take down handbell equipment in the Worship Center four times a year, approximately 45 minutes each time. This is a great way to assist and thank the bellringers for their practice and good music. For more information please contact a pastor at 972-9060 or Lois Frohnert at 972-8824.

Sound Board Operators  for Worship Center. Learn how to operate sound system for the Blended and Contemporary Services. Training sessions are provided on Tuesdays from 6:45 to 9:00 p.m. Contact Newt Wilson at 972-3274 or Dave Goodrich at 972-3999.

Projectionist for Worship Center to project words for congregational singing and power point presentations. Training Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. and at other times as scheduled. Contact Newt Wilson at 972-3274 or call Bob Halstead at 972-9106.

Trainees: Need people interested in being trained to operate equipment for video recording, DVD players, and simulcast presentations. Contact Newt Wilson at 972-3274 or call Bob Halstead at 972-9106.

Lay Readers: Needed for 8:30 and 9:45 Traditional Services. Please contact Diana Duffy for more information at (972-8109).

Flower Guild Distributors: Join our team of friendly and caring people who distribute our altar flowers to shut-ins and those who are hospitalized. Monthly, once a year assignments possible. Flowers are prepared by our arranging committee for your distribution either on Sunday afternoon or Monday. This is a very worthwhile caring ministry that brings joy to those serving. Call Chairman Sparkle Capitano at 972-1284 to join today!


Miscellaneous/Other Programs:

Families Feeding Families Ministry: We are in need of more volunteers to prepare and deliver meals to people who are not able to prepare their own meals due to short or long term illness. If you feel called to help in this ministry, contact Fran (972-7964) or Norma (972-3219).

Community Outreach Team: Additional support is needed to join the Community Outreach Team. This team meets an hour each Monday morning to record information, follow-up with visitors, plan and assist in the quarterly Discovering Lake of the Woods Church class. To learn more about this opportunity to serve, call Dick Rankin (972-2862).

Yard Team: Volunteers needed to help mow and maintain landscape at the church. If you have time and energy to spare, contact Art Griggs (972-4592).

Planning Committee: Volunteer members needed for the planning committee for the adult short-term missions ministry. To help, contact Dave Blackistone (972-3555).

Community Awareness and Marketing Committee: A volunteer is wanted to do graphic design for advertising and flyers. Work with Outreach Elder Dick Rankin on promotion for upcoming events. This is an excellent work-at-home project. Contact Pastor Jim Smith at the Church office or Elder Dick Rankin at DickRankin@comcast.net.

Estate Planning: Someone with experience in antiques and collectibles willing to serve in a ministry of aiding those disposing of estate items and to assist in estate planning for financial gifts to LOWC. Contact Eldon Rucker (972-8539).

Museum/Archival Experience: Volunteers with past experience in museum/archival work to be part of a special project team that will recommend and lead on the collection and display of items from the history of LOWC. Contact Wayne Thompson (972-5375).

Church Office: Volunteer needed to work in the Church Office on Thursday afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m. to help perforate bulletins for folding on Friday morning. Please contact the church office (972-9060).

Church Newsletter: Help needed with church newsletter mailing. Only one hour per month to seal and label The Church Mouse every 3rd Tuesday 9:00 a.m. Contact the church office (972-9060).

Night Security: Volunteers needed to lock up the church on a weekly rotation basis (4-5 times a year). Contact the Church Office (972-9060).