How to listen to audio sermons

If you need help in listening, downloading or subscribing to The Lake of the Woods Church’s audio sermons, please view the short instructional video below and read step-by-step directions:


Step-by-step instructions


  1. Point your browser to the church’s Web site at
  2. Find the graphic at the top of the page that says “Audio Sermons” and click on it
  3. You’ll see the “Audio Sermons” page, which lists the dates for each Sunday at the left, most recent first
  4. Under each date you’ll find the type and time of each service, the title of the sermon and the name of the minister who delivered it. Choose the sermon you want to hear.
  5. To listen on your computer’s desktop, simply click on the “play” button (the tiny triangle) on the player in the second column. Make sure your speakers or earphones are on.
  6. To download a sermon to your computer to listen later or to transfer to your portable listening device, click on the button labeled “Download.” You should see a popup window with three choices: “Play,” “Save” or “Cancel.”
  7. Click on “Save.” A popup window labeled “Save as” pops up. You can use this window to select a folder on your computer where you’d like to place the audio file.
  8. Click “Save” on this window and you’ll see a progress bar indicating that the file is being downloaded.
  9. Now you can close your browser, navigate to the folder where you stored the audio file and double-click on it to launch your player or load it to your portable device.
  10. A third alternative is to listen or download the sermon from iTunes. You must be a subscriber to iTunes for this method to work. It’s free and easy to register if you don’t have an account. (Go to to set up your account.) You’ll be instructed how to download and install the iTunes software on your computer.