Vacation Bible School

Every year, our Vacation Bible School directors look through all the VBS kits, read through leaders guides, look at crafts and games, view DVDs and listen to music to decide which VBS to choose. And in the end, we come together to give our feedback on what we have reviewed. And each year, we see God guiding us to the material that He (not us) wants us to use to reach the children that come and participate. The process at times can be overwhelming, but seeing God at work in this process amazes us.

This year was no exception as we went back and forth between two curricula, wrote the pros and cons on the white board and then sat back amazed (and yes, speechless for a moment) as we saw God point to our curriculum for this year.

The VBS theme of seeing the visible to discover the invisible began on this white board as God brought what was invisible (what to choose) to us to become visible… Galatic Starveyors. We will be using Lifeway’s VBS Galatic Starveyors to take the children on an adventure in God’s word to encounter amazing and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation. Through learning Colossians 1:15-16, children will learn that all of creation was created through Him, by Him and for Him and that through His life, death and resurrection, Jesus fulfilled God’s plan of redemption that God had planned from the beginning of time.

We are looking for volunteers to join our Galactic Starveyor Team. There is much to do before, during and after VBS such as crafts, recreation, music, Bible teachers, classroom assistants, administrative help, and snacks as well as providing craft and snack items for Vacation Bible School.

Pray and answer God’s call to be a part of this wonderful outreach this summer. Mark your calendar for our VBS Kickoff Rally on June 23. This is a fun night of team building, learning our theme song, and distributing T-shirts and teaching materials.

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