New members class

Have you been attending church or participating in other ministries besides worship but have never gotten around to joining? Or have you asked the question: “Why should we join? We attend church; we send our kids to Sunday School or to Vacation Bible School; we give regularly. So what do we get for joining that we can’t get now!

These are very real and logical questions and you may have many more questions that may be holding you back from becoming a LOWC member. In reality, the answers to these questions and others like them are probably different for different people. But if you are asking these questions or you know that you want to be a member of this faith community but just haven’t gotten around to it, then you need to attend the Discovering LOWC Class.

The next class will be held from 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Sunday, April 23, in the Founders / Charters Room. Snacks will be provided.

Our pastoral/professional staff and lay leaders would like to have brunch with you on a Sunday morning to answer these questions as well as “Who Are We?” and “What Do We Do Here?” They will discuss the next steps you can take in your faith journey that may lead to membership.

“Discovering LOWC” is a prerequisite for membership – you can’t get there without it, but its’ purpose is to help you make prayerful decisions about your growth in Making Christ Known. Did you know that you can join LOWC and still retain your church membership elsewhere? Do you understand the difference between “non-denominational” and “multi-denominational?” Very relevant topics will be discussed!

Call the church office at 540-972-9060 or tear off the form in next Sunday’s bulletin and place it in the offering plate. Child care will be available upon request.

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