The Lakers Return

Good news! The Lakers are returning for their 19th annual LOWC concert in March.

Come out and enjoy an evening with the Lakers and friends at 7 p.m., Saturday, March 25.

This time they will bring a couple of friends with them. Their musical crew will feature Irene Robinson on the piano, Charlie Bocook on the drums and Jordan Medas on the bass guitar.

About half of the songs that the group will sing are songs that you likely have not heard them sing before. They will be asking you to sing along with them on a few songs as well, and they just may have a surprise in store for you.

The Lakers have been singing their own style of the oldies, both gospel and pop, since 1998. They have been representing the LOWC as they attempt to spread the Light of Jesus all over Central Virginia. They have made over 600 appearances in the area from Washington to Richmond and Charlottesville to King George. They have sung for state conventions, charity events, fairs, antique car shows, churches, civic associations, senior citizen groups, assisted living homes, personal parties and celebrations.

Jordan spent about nine years traveling the country as a professional musician. He recently joined LOWC as the pastor for young families.



Posted: March 12, 2017 / Categories: Concerts
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