God is our source

By Dr. Hope Murphy

God does not intend for our marriage to be our source….of love, friendship, affirmation. Our marital relationship is intended to be an extension of Him, not a replacement for the love, care, and fulfillment that can only be found in Jesus Christ. When we attempt to have people_ our spouse’s to fill a place only intended for God, we make them into idols and set them up for failure, set ourselves up for disappointment, and rob ourselves of the only ONE who can and will always love and affirm us….God.

God wants to love through us. He expects that we will love, encourage, and build up our spouse’s. He wants us to go out on date nights, and to value and enjoy each other’s company, but He wants us to recognize that those aspects are only part of the marital relationship. There is so much more like growing in faith together, raising a Godly family, serving in your Church and community, being salt and light in the earth.

In short, married life should reflect God as central to our marital unity and it should be a representation and demonstration of His love and His care of His Bride….The Church. When our marriages look like that, then, we are truly pleasing God and our marriages will be like Heaven on earth.

I am so thankful to have had this year to share with you about marriage. I sincerely pray that you individually and as a couple have been blessed. Continue to pray together daily and to put God first in ALL things and He will bless your marriage.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a Blessed 2016!!!!!



Posted: November 20, 2015 / Categories: Marriage Talks
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