It’s not all about us

By Dr. Hope Murphy

The belief that marriage is all about us overlooks the fact that our marriage serves a Godly purpose. Certainly, God wants us to be attuned to the needs of our spouse. However, He also wants us to be tuned in to the reason that we are joined together as husband and wife. God wants us to understand that marriage involves our relationship with each other, but it also involves our purpose as a married couple. When our focus as a couple is only on date nights and how effectively we communicate with each other, we miss a very important aspect of marriage — the opportunity to combine our gifts, talents, and abilities in a way that brings glory to God. When we surrender our marriage to a sovereign and Holy God, He will bless the date nights. He will give us opportunities to share time with each other. In fact, the time that we share will be all the more meaningful.

When you take your spouse’s hand this evening or tomorrow morning or whatever time you have set aside to pray together, bow before the Lord in prayer, ask Him to reveal His divine purpose for your marriage. Begin to make God and His revealed purpose for your marriage your focus. Then, as your enjoy a date night this weekend, you will begin to see a dimension to yourself and to your spouse that you may have never recognized before. You will begin to more fully see God at work in each of you. What a platform for a long, fulfilling marriage.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 1, 2015 / Categories: Marriage Talks
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