Our search for a pastor

The Lake of the Woods Church is currently conducting searches for a senior pastor.

The Senior Pastor Search Committee has conducted a survey using a questionnaire entitled “LOWC Health Checkup” which many of you took the time to complete.  Thank you! This survey was designed to determine how members view the effectiveness of LOWC worship and ministries. Your valuable input from this survey can be shared with candidates in the upcoming search process and will be helpful now for church leaders and staff in allocating resources and assessing the need for changes and  improvements.

The Search Committee has completed a careful review of all survey forms submitted and is pleased to report the following three important findings:

  1. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive regarding the effectiveness of our worship services, various church ministries and support programs. We are blessed!!
  2. Out of the ten choices for primary qualifications the Search Committee should look for in a new Senior Pastor, the top 3 selected in order of priority were: (1) Preaching; (2) Leadership; and (3) Visionary/Planning. Please be assured the Committee will be informed and guided by this important congregational input.
  3. Numerous written comments reflected a strong desire to participate in and contribute to the search process. The Search Committee welcomes your assistance and is cognizant that word-of-mouth recommendations have proven very useful in past searches. Accordingly, if you know of someone you believe would be a good candidate for the senior pastor position, please contact that person and advise them that details regarding the position and application process can be found at the links below.

The Search Committee welcomes your input and prayers as the process of selecting a new senior pastor moves forward.


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